Why are River Rock Cedar Bark Rock, Granite, Marble Chips, Crushed Concrete, Pea Rock, Seminole Chip, and Timberlite, in such high demand in Central Florida? For both their aesthetic and practical value. These beautiful stones are easy use both outside and as creative designs inside the home. 

“Natural stone is one of the most versatile elements available for a landscape makeover. Rocks add texture and contrast, serve as a durable ground cover and require little or no maintenance,” according to HGTV.  “Rocks may be more expensive than mulch, but they have several advantages as a ground cover. The first is durability. Mulch must be replaced every season, while rocks can last the lifetime of your garden. Another advantage is that pale-colored stones provide striking contrast against deep-colored foliage and help brighten up shady corners of your landscape.”

River Rock: Can easily transform an ordinary landscape or backyard into a relaxing oasis. River rocks get their beauty from years of being in rushing water, slowly creating a smooth stone. They have a smooth rounded surface, with white,tan and grey tones. They also make it easy to create eye catching designs such as an energetic water fall, walkways, water features, patios, rock garden, flower beds, and they are very affordable!

Marble chips: Natural elegance, beautiful shades of bright white with a bit of sparkle, and durability.

Cedar bark rock: Gets its name because of their resemblance to natural Cedar Bark, with rich tones of red and brown.

Brown river rock: Decorative brown, gold, and tan colors, round, smooth, and a beautiful compliment to any landscaping.

Pea rock: Smooth texture, usually uniform in size, similar to white river rock in color just a little smaller in size, relatively light weight, and very budget friendly.

The cool weather we are having here in Central Florida makes it a great time to get outside and work in the yard.  Reliable Peat makes it easy! Just come by one of our stores, Winter Garden: 407-656-9766 | Groveland: 352-326-5432, pick out which stones or mulch you want and we will deliver it to your home.  If you’re not sure which product is best for your project or how much you will need, just tell us about it and we can help.

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