Why is it important to mulch before the cold weather sets in? While you may not think of mulching during Fall, but your landscape needs special protection this time of year. 

Mulch, whether organic bark mulch or stones, provides a protective barrier. They safeguard the root’s of plants from the cold temperatures and helps reduce soil erosion.

Fall Mulch Ideas

Update your landscape for the Holidays.

Reduce the grassy area by creating foot paths, seating areas to entertain, and play stations for both children and adults. Cover the area with a good layer of bark mulch or stones.

Create a river rock gutter or dry creek bed to reduce drainage issues.

Build a backyard fire pit for those cool nights.

To make  your project even more affordable, buy mulch in bulk.

DIY Network explains the benefits of Fall mulching;

Many landscaping professionals actually practice—and prefer—fall mulching. Fall mulch works like spring mulch to retain soil moisture, suppress weed growth and protect bare soil from erosion. But it also accomplishes a few more things:

    • Fall mulch insulates soil, providing a warmer environment for the soil-food web, including earthworms and microbes. Warm soil means these organisms stay active longer into the cold season, improving your soil.
    • Fall mulch insulates plant roots. In coldest regions, soil may eventually freeze solid in the heart of winter, but in many areas, soil cycles through freezing and thawing all winter long. Those freeze-thaw patterns put stress on anything in the top few inches of soil, including plant roots. Mulch moderates the temperature swing.

Though you may not be thinking much about your residential landscaping this time of year, but now is the perfect time! The weather is cooler, it’s a great way to spruce up your home for the holidays and parties you may be hosting, and best of all, you can save money by taking advantage of Reliable Peats great special, 10% off all bulk orders over 6 yards.

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