Don’t miss out on Reliable Peat’s mulch sale, save 10% off all bulk orders over 6 yards! Wood mulch is the best choice for landscapes and gardens because it compliments the plant’s natural growing environment.

Organic mulch can improve the plant’s environment in many ways

Discourages weeds from growing
Reduces stress on plants
Stops soil from compacting during heavy rains
Retains moisture in the soil, preventing plants from drying out
Adds necessary nutrients to the soil making plants and trees healthier
Decreases soil erosion and diminishes soil runoff
Reduces the damaging effects of the temperature change in the soil
Creates a refined and attractive landscape

The Centre Daily Times warns of the Over-Mulching Epidemic

“When mulches are put on too thick and piled against the stems of trees and shrubs, they begin to suffocate roots and create a moist environment in which opportunistic decay fungi such as Phytophora, Armillaria and Leptographium attack the trunk and roots, causing root rots, a decline in plant health, crown dieback and tree failures. Besides causing the roots and stems to rot, over-mulching prevents the movement of oxygen and carbon dioxide in and out of stems. It can lead to rodent chewing and stem girdling, nutrient deficiencies and the production of toxic organic acids and often causes roots to grow up into thick mulch, only to dry out in hot summers, or form girdling roots that encircle the trunk.”

Tips for applying mulch

When applying mulch ensure it is in an even layer and lying flat, avoid any mounds. Make sure the mulch extends past the outermost edge of the leaves or the drip line of the plant. The layer of mulch should be about 2 to 4 inches thick. Anything over this may trap excessive moisture which can lead to disease or rot.

Not All Mulches are the same

It is important to purchase quality mulch from a reliable source. Some bagged mulch can contain harmful chemicals and weed seeds.

Whether it is a simple landscaping project or a major overhaul, purchasing organic mulch and rocks in bulk is easy and affordable. Contact Reliable Peat with any questions. Take advantage of our Summer special, for a limited time Reliable Peat is offering 10% off all bulk orders over 6 yards!

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