As a property owner in Central Florida, you probably understand just how important it is to apply mulch to your flower beds, shrubs, and trees. While mulch helps retain moisture in the soil, protect delicate roots from the intense sun, and keeps weeds from sprouting, it also protects your plants from our cold winter nights that, though it may not seem like it, will be here before you know.

Landscapes in our tropical weather need to be maintained year round, to stay healthy and flourishing. Mulch plays a vital part by slowly releasing valuable nutrients.

How can you prepare your landscape for Fall and Winter

Edge the beds of your landscape. This gives your landscape a professional, neat and tidy look, but it also keeps the mulch from spreading onto the grass. This can be achieved by using edging materials or by digging, with a shovel, about 6 inches around the bed of the landscape.

Remove any weeds by their roots, this is most effective if it is done before applying fresh mulch. While mulch is great at discouraging weeds from sprouting by blocking out sunlight, if the weed is already established it can make its way through the mulch.

Don’t forget to mulch. You’ve put a lot of work into your landscape, protect it as our temperature is about to cool down. Mulch acts as a warm blanket for the cool nights and insulates the roots to keep them cool during the heat of the day.

It can be difficult to determine how much mulch you will need. Just measure the length and width of the areas you need to mulch and let us know at Reliable Peat. We can help you determine the right amount of mulch. We can also deliver it to your home, it’s convenient and saves you money!

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