Mulching is one of the best things you can do to your landscape and garden. Not only does mulch make your yard look amazing, it provides a host of vital benefits.

When mulch is properly installed it suppresses weeds, insulates roots, retains moisture in the soil, prevents erosion, and adds great curb appeal, definitely a worthwhile endeavor. Despite the numerous benefits, if not applied correctly it can have less than favorable results.  

Here Are Some Do’s and Don’ts When Applying Mulch To Your Landscape or Garden

Do: Apply Mulch to a Proper Depth

Plants will benefit the most from mulch when it is approximately three inches deep. Any less than that and your plants will be left vulnerable to the elements and invasive weeds. Too much mulch can prevent air and water from reaching the roots. 

Don’t: Pile Up Mulch Next to Tree Trunks 

When mulch is piled up around the base of a tree, it is called Volcano mulching. For some reason it used to be very popular and some landscapers and homeowner are applying mulch like this, but unfortunately it is more often than not, a death sentence for the tree. 

According to The Tree Care Guide,

This practice causes the bark at the base of the tree to be permanently shaded and in constant contact with moisture. The ramifications of volcano mulching for a tree are devastating and may result in the following: 





Insect infestation 

Root rot 

The death of the tree

The unexpected falling of the tree

Do: Use It For Eye Catching Curb Appeal

While there are many benefits for using mulch, it adds aesthetic value to your home that shouldn’t be overlooked. With several textures and colors to choose from, it is easy to create eye catching curb appeal. Large pine bark is very popular here in Central Florida for that natural look.

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