Taking on a landscaping project in Central Florida can be an intimidating undertaking. But having your bark mulch, stones, or rocks delivered to your home can make it significantly easier!

sam_0615When you have mulch delivered by the professionals at Reliable Peat, you don’t have to worry. Instead of just dumping the mulch and rushing through the delivery, we take our time.

This means discussing with you the most convenient place to deliver the mulch. To your exact specifications to make your project the easier, whether it is the front or back yard.

Mulch adds instant curb appeal

While many of our customers take on a mulch project for its affordable curb appeal, there are many other benefits. Mulch is a great way to solve any drought or flood issues. Add nutrients to the soil for healthy plants and add value to your home.
By enhancing topsoil and preventing erosion, it is perfect to apply around trees, shrubs, and in flower beds. Stone mulch can direct water away from your home’s foundation.

Rock mulch can also solve a pest problem, discouraging squirrels and even the neighborhood dogs from digging.

As a leader in the mulch industry, Reliable Peat has helped thousands of homeowners with small landscape projects to major overhauls. So, whether you want to spruce up your yard, create an backyard oasis, rock garden, amazing walkway, or make your child’s playground area safer, we are here to help you through it.

2In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the Reliable Peat Family encourages everyone to join us in learning more about breast cancer and support those who are suffering with the disease.

Though we have made great progress in early detection, cancer treatment and finding a cure, we still have a long way to go.

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