Organic mulch, stones, and rocks are used for a number of landscape and gardening solutions. 

Irrigation and drainage 

Throughout Central Florida, the amount of rain water we receive each month varies. A torrential downpour can appear from practically nowhere, leaving property owners to deal with a variety of drainage issues. Other times, the lack of rain can leave our yard and garden needing more water.

Stones and organic mulch can be used to solve a number of drainage and irrigation issues. 

French drains 

The last thing you want is water pooling near your foundation. A French drain is easy to build by digging a trench, install perforated PVC pipe, and then apply the stones to cover the pipe. This will help channel water away from the footprint of the building. 

Use pebble drains to divert surface water 

Pebble or rock drains help siphon off rainwater when it starts to accumulate on a flat terrain. Just line a trench, a couple of inches deep, and line it with landscape stones. 

Use rain gardens to trap excessive water runoff

A depression in the yard can easily be transformed into a rain garden by edging the patch of lawn and filling it with landscape stones. Wetland plants, such as sedges and ferns thrive in wet environment.

Keep plants and trees hydrated with bark mulch 

Protecting plants and trees with organic bark mulch will help them retain moisture, as well as keep the roots warm on those cold nights, prevents weeds from germinating, and release vital nutrients into the soil.

The key to successful irrigation and drainage 

Using the right materials is key to solving your draining and irrigation issues. Ordering mulch in bulk may seem intimidating, but it’s very convenient and a great way to save money. Nobody wants to carry several heavy bags of mulch from the store to the car and then from the car to where you need it in the yard, it’s a great way so save time and money. Bulk mulch usually cost significantly less than all those bags.

As a leader in the mulch industry, contact Reliable Peat, we are here to help you with any questions. 


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