Create a beautiful garden path in your Central Florida home without breaking the bank! It is easier than ever to Do It Yourself with quality mulch and stones from Reliable Peat. With our 10% discount on orders over 6 yards and delivery, you can save time and money!

Mulch, rocks, and stones are the least expensive path materials, they also make for easy construction. Just choose the materials that compliments your yard, from pine bark, red mulch, chocolate mulch, to cedar bark rock, white river rock, pea rock, marble chips, and crushed concrete. Have it delivered to your home, close to where you will be working.

Remove the sod where you want the path, rolling out landscape fabric is optional. Then spread the gravel or mulch. In no time at all you will have a beautiful path meandering through your yard. Larger stones can be used as a border for a more formal feel.

Mulch Paths

Organic mulch such as pine bark and mulch blend well with the natural setting and are soft to walk on. They are also easier to spread than stone because they aren’t as heavy and they are usually less expensive than stones. Keep in mind, over time mulch will decompose and will need to be rejuvenated every couple of years with fresh material.

It usually less expensive to have mulch delivered than purchasing them in bags. Paths should be about 3 feet wide with a 3 inch deep layer of mulch.

Gravel Paths

Gravel paths have a more formal look and since they don’t break down they last longer. If you plan on running the lawn mower over the path, you may want to choose a crushed stone over smooth pebbles. Crushed stones have a jagged edge that lock together so the surface is firmer, they are more likely to stay in place.

For a more comfortable feel underfoot, choose a smaller stone, under a half an inch. It will also need to be about 3 feet wide and 3 inches deep.

Just measure how long the path will be and give the professionals at Reliable Peat a call and they will do the math for you and tell you how much stone or mulch you will need.

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