Eye catching landscapes have some type of mulch, either organic bark mulch or rocks. It gives that professionally designed look to any home. It’s easy to take your landscape to the next level with the latest trends.

Organic bark mulch and rocks make it easy to create a beautiful landscape. Adding a personal touch and style that make all your neighbors envious. 

When stones are paired with traditional bark mulch it adds a sophisticated touch. Combining different textures, colors, and sizes, such as pine bark mulch with river rock or black slate, has become the newest trend. A unique way to incorporate a personal touch and an amazing look.

Beautiful Paths 

A simple path of river rocks adds character to any property. Guiding the eyes through the yard. They can also be used to line the edges of a grassy walkway. The contrasting color can add a creative flair.


Stone borders around flower beds and the perimeter of the garden add an elegant design. They also help reduce erosion and keep bark mulch from spilling over. Bordering driveways and walkways with stones is also a great idea, especially if they are lined with plants. 

Types of Rocks

There are a variety of rocks to work with, it is easy to get overwhelmed. But don’t worry, the professionals at Reliable Peat can help. They can also deliver them to your home, making it easy to update your landscaping. 


Smooth stones come in several colors, white pea gravel and earth tones of river rock, are very appealing and need little maintenance. Great for patios and playground areas. 

Cedar Bark Rock 

One of the most sought after rock is Cedar Bark Rock. This intriguing stone has a reddish brown color that really stands out. 

Black Slate

For that touch of elegance, Black Slate does the job. The sharp contrast between the dark slate and green vegetation make the ideal combination.

Organic mulch and stones are the perfect way to express yourself. Be creative and have fun with your landscape. Don’t forget to stop by Reliable Peat for all your mulch and stone needs and take 10% off any bulk orders over 6 yards. We are located in Winter Garden: 407-656-9766 and Groveland: 352-326-5432.

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