Known as inorganic mulch rocks, stones, and gravel has many benefits. There are also a variety of different types, white river rock, pea rock, marble chips, granite, cedar bark rock, and brown river rock.

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sam_0636Inorganic mulch has several benefits

Protection against erosion
Discourages weed growth
Less prone to mold
Last several years without needing to be replaced
Filters rain water so the soil is protected against pelting rain
Excellent solution for areas that are prone to standing rain water
Even and clean appearance

White river rock: Smooth rounded river rock, primarily white in color with some tan and grey tones.

Pea rock: Smooth texture, usually uniform in size, similar to white river rock in color just a little smaller in size, relatively light weight, and very budget friendly.

Marble chips: Natural elegance, beautiful shades of bright white with a bit of sparkle, and durability.

Cedar bark rock: Gets its name because of their resemblance to natural Cedar Bark, with rich tones of red and brown.

Brown river rock: Decorative brown, gold, and tan colors, round, smooth, and a beautiful compliment to any landscaping.

Inorganic mulch can be used though out a property’s landscaping.

A front walkway or garden path, children’s play area, flower beds, edging, creating boundaries, driveways, patios, encourage healthy drainage in gardens, they make beautiful water features, prevent erosion. Rocks, stones, and gravel improve the look of your landscaping, increase your property value and curb appeal.

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