As the weather is cooling down, our home’s yard becomes a personal oasis. Here are a few easy ways to turn your landscape into the perfect outdoor living space. 

Function of your landscape area 

If your yard is large and you want to make it more intimate, use a landscape design that builds “rooms” within the lot. For example, using landscape stones or organic mulch to connect the existing home’s backyard patio to the outdoor fireplace that has relaxing outdoor furnishings.

This stone or mulch walkway can also lead to a flower or vegetable garden, kids play area, and a barbecue/dining room. 

River rock can highlight natural features in the yard, adding a warm touch. While lime stones, snow white chips or pea rock, will give a more sleek and modern feel to the yard. Stones are an effective way to protect against soil erosion and block weed growth.

Yard configuration and size 

Depending on the layout and size of your yard, the stones you use can make a large lot feel cozier and a small area feel spacious. An intimate area can be created by applying natural river rocks, granite, or cedar bark rock. Create visual interest by installing landscape stones by features such as a water feature, pergola, and fire pit.

The design of your home

Whether your home is contemporary or traditional, there are landscape stones and organic mulch that can enhance the appearance. Pairing limestones with modern design will add to the curb appeal. While a Spanish Revival home with brown river rock paths and seminole chips will enhance the look. Mixing contrasting textures of mulch and stones can add visual appeal.

The Best Landscape Solution for Your Property

Landscape stones and mulch from Reliable Peat help define areas, making your yard more functional. With more outdoor living space you can enjoy your backyard oasis. 

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