Why is landscape mulch so important here in Central Florida? In 2013 the United Nations established World Soil Day, to bring awareness the importance of healthy, fertile soil. Able to support a beautiful landscape and sustainable gardens. 

Why Landscape Mulch Is So Important

Healthy soil contains millions of microorganisms that provide valuable nutrients to plants and plays a big role in a healthy environment. Today’s homeowner is looking for opportunities to make an impact on the world. Healthy soil can improve air quality and conserve moistures. If everyone did their part it has the potential to help prevent droughts and even mitigate climate change. 

Maintaining healthy soil with four easy steps 

Plan ahead

The soil content and texture can be difficult to change on a mature landscape. But don’t worry, applying organic mulch can help solve many soil issues. For instance, most of us here in Central Florida have sandy soil, which typically erodes easy and doesn’t hold moisture well. Organic mulch can reduce erosion and help keep water from evaporating. Which in turn, supports microorganism and plant life. 

Provide cover

Whether you realize it or not, erosion is a big issue, soil easily gets washed or blown away in our torrential downpours. Not only will you be left with an unattractive landscape, the soil left isn’t favorable to support plant life.

Design your landscape with the soil in mind

Using native plants in your landscape and garden is a great way to supporting a healthy soil. Native plants establish a strong root system, enabling them to grow quicker and healthier. They also help with aerating and anchoring the soil.

Smart maintenance with mulch

Mulch may seem like a small step, but it has a huge impact. Florida Today explains, “One of the most important reasons for using mulch is that organic materials used as a mulch can improve the soil by adding organic matter to our sandy soil. Organic matter is food for the soil microbes that supply nutrients to the plants, and it can improve the soil structure. Organic matter can increase the water-holding capacity of the soil, which is very helpful during a drought.”

Mulch is an easy and inexpensive way to improve the health and look of your landscaping. Equally as important, is where you purchase the mulch. Quality mulch will be free of weed seeds and harmful chemicals.

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