Not looking forward to weeding the garden or planting more landscape flowers, then maybe it’s time to change it up. The natural benefits of bark mulch and stones can easily bring beauty to your Central Florida yard, without all that hard work!

The fact is, mulch and stones can breathe new life into your landscape as easily as new plants.

With an assortment of engaging colors
A variety of eye catching shapes and sizes
Improves water runoff and drainage
Creates walkways and activity space
Decreases yard maintenance
It can also lower landscape costs

Using stones and rocks to create a fun and relaxing atmosphere

Rocks and stones, whether they surrounding plants already in your landscape, creating a water conserving yard, or xeriscape, there are many great designs that don’t need weeding or watering.

River rocks have a warm earth tones that create beautiful walkways.
White marble chips can elevate and brighten up a shaded area.
Cedar bark rock creates a southwest feel.
Seminole chip and timberline produces a unique design.
Granite and river rock evokes a more traditional rock garden feel.

Make your yard more livable

From boarding flower beds, ponds, pools, fountains, and mechanical equipment, to creating a space to put tables and chairs, games, and a relaxing oasis, it can transform your landscape.

Define a play area with softer bark mulch or sand, you won’t have worry about having to weed or mow, the kids can enjoy the play area while the adults enjoy the new seating space.

It is a simple and effective way to ensure a healthy landscape and garden, that looks good all year long!

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