Installing mulching your Central Florida landscape can seem overwhelming, but partnering with Reliable Peat to deliver the perfect mulch and keeping in mind these four tips, makes it as easy as pumpkin pie!

Whether you are using organic bark or stones, mulch adds that professional touch to your landscape and significantly increases the value of the property. Unfortunately, we’ve seen our fair share of homeowners who have had mishaps when it comes to mulching. They’ve either accidentally killed their plants or ended up with an unsightly mess. 

Keep in mind these four tips when installing mulch in your landscape

sam_0653Choose the right mulch for the right job

A main benefit of mulch is the visual effect.  There are several varieties and colors of mulch in today’s market. Whether you want the mulch to blend in or stand out, choose something that compliments the style of your home. 

Remove the old mulch

If your landscape has older mulch, you may want to clear some of it out before installing new mulch. While there has been some controversy about needing to remove older mulch, it does ensure the soil will remain healthy. 

“If you add fresh mulch every year, remove the old mulch if it hasn’t completely decomposed before adding new mulch. If mulch is allowed to build up it can create a mulch “volcano” that smothers roots and causes crown rot, eventually killing the plant. Always keep mulches a few inches away from the trunks of trees and shrubs,” according to The National Gardening Association. 

The right amount of mulch

If you plan on planting new shrubs, plants, or trees this fall, don’t forget to apply mulch.  Three inches of organic mulch will help boost the nutritional value to the soil, but avoid an insect infestation.  A circle with a diameter of three to four feet, but don’t forget to make a donut shape, leaving a space between the trunk and the mulch. 

Prevent erosion

Exposed soil typically leads to erosion, cover any bare landscape areas with mulch. Protecting your soil now will save problems down the road.

At Reliable Peat, you can find the perfect rocks or organic mulch for your landscape project. Best of all, it will also fit your budget. With two convenient locations, Winter Garden: 407-656-9766 | Groveland: 352-326-5432

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