When most homeowners and gardeners in Central Florida think about sprucing up their landscaping, they usually think of plants. But incorporating organic mulch, stones, and rocks can add refreshing interest, with color and texture.

Is there a difference between rocks and stones?

sam_0636Though many gardeners use the two interchangeably, rocks typically come from larger masses found underground and then broken up. While stones have been exposed to water or weather and have rounded, smooth surfaces.

Seminole chip is a decorative rock that is unique to Florida. The signature reddish brown color has the elegance of natural stone for an unforgettable landscape. Great for around a pond or flower bed.

Timberlite resembles wood chips with colors of brown red, and tan.  It is actually a type of volcanic rock. It retains little heat but add a tong of interest.

One of the most affordable and versatile rocks is River Rock. With smooth, rounded edges, they incorporate a natural finished look to a property. Excellent for creating a dry creek bed and walkways.

Pea rocks are typically smooth, rounded, and about the size of a pea. They are comfortable and easy to walk on, easily raked for an even uniform look. They are great for flower beds and an excellent material for dog friendly yards and pet runs.

Granite is made from weathered down granite. It is a bit larger and not as smooth as pea rock. An affordable DIY project to define high traffic areas, such as patios, walkways, and driveways, because it can compact rather tightly compared to other stones.

White Marble is very popular and elegant way to spruce up your landscaping. A perfect way to showcase plants, fountains, and patios. They also brighten up a shaded area.

The best place to purchase mulch, stones, and rocks, is from a local source. Buying in bulk is a great way to make your next landscape project more affordable.

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