Mulching your landscape or garden is the process of applying inorganic or organic material on top of the soil. Bark mulch, stones, and rocks not only create a cohesive aesthetic, but also thriving and healthy condition for your trees and plants.

When applied appropriately, mulch has many beneficial effects, providing vital nutrients to the soil, retain moisture in the soil, and block the growth of weeds.

Mulch creates a cohesive look for your landscape and garden

The beauty of mulch is that it shapes a cohesive feel throughout your property. A consistent cover and texture and color, as well as a refined look on the surface of your soil.

Naturally deters bugs

Marble ChipsSome organic bark mulches act as a natural bug repellent. Deterring annoying and damaging insects when it breaks down. Inorganic mulch, such as stones, gravel, and pebbles do not attract bugs because they don’t decompose.

Prevent soil erosion Both organic and inorganic mulch acts as a layer of protection for the soil. Reducing the impact of high winds and rainfall washing away the soil.

Block the growth of weeds

A 3 inch layer of mulch will block the sun from germinating weed seeds. Depriving weeds from the necessary light they need to grow, keeping your landscape and garden looking healthy and clean.

Insulating the roots and soil

Mulch covers the soil and acts as an insulator, protecting the plant roots from the heat of Central Florida summers and chilly nights in the winter. Protection from the extreme temperature help plants grow healthier and faster.

Provides vital nutrients to the soil

Healthy soil means healthy plants. As organic mulch decomposes it releases vital nutrients, improving the quality of the soil.

Retains moisture in the soil

Mulch also prevents evaporation, keeping the soil from drying out. Organic mulch absorbs and retains rain water and helps keep moisture in the soil. During times of extreme heat the soil is able to absorb the water in the organic mulch.

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