Anyone who has a home in Central Florida  knows just how important landscaping is to the curb appeal of their home.

Mulch plays an important role in your landscape. Not only does it make your yard look amazing, it provides many benefits.

Mulch reduces the amount of yard work you will have to do in the summer heat by suppressing weeds, retaining moisture in the soil, insulating the roots, and protecting them from the intense heat. 

Proper Depth of Installation 

To get the most benefits from mulch, it should be applied approximately 3 inches deep, or once cubic yard per 100 square feet. Applying too much or too little can leave plants vulnerable in the intense summer heat. 

Mulch Around Trees 

One of the worst things you can do with mulch is to pile it up around tree trunks. Creating mulch “volcanoes” causes a host of problems. It is typically unattractive, but it causes diseases and home for pests. The proper way  to apply mulch around trees and shrubs is to create a ring or donut around the trunk, with a 6 inch space around the base. It creates a healthier environment for the tree, allowing water and air to go where it is needed. 

Beautify Your Home

Sure, there are many practical aspects to mulch, but the aesthetic value that should not be ignored. Red mulch is by far the most popular here in Central Florida, but there are other varieties if you want to make your landscape stand out from the crowd. There is a chocolate mulch or a beautiful red mulch. There are also stones, such as Timberlite, Seminole Chip, Cedar Bark Rock, River Rock, Granite, and Marble.

We encourage you to stop by one of Reliable Peat stores and take a look for yourself.

We are located in Winter Garden at 14909 West Colonial Dr. and in Groveland at 26744 CR 33. For an added convenience we also deliver orders and have a discount of 10% on bulk orders over 6 yards. Contact us for more information.

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