We all want that beautiful Central Florida landscape and garden, but who has the time or energy to keep it maintained? That’s why so many people use mulch, not only does it reduce the amount of fertilizer, water, and time needed for healthy plants and a beautiful landscape, it isn’t even expensive, especially when purchased in bulk. It also builds the health of the soil and plants.

Benefits of using mulch in your landscape and garden according to University of Florida 

Soil Moisture: Mulch reduces evaporation, which in turn leaves more water in the soil, in a prime location for plant roots.

Temperature: Mulch shades the soil, helping to protect fine feeder roots that occupy the first few inches of soil. Like a blanket, mulch will protect those roots from sudden swings in temperature, lowering the risk of plant stress.

Organic matter: As micro-organisms and fungi decompose the mulch, organic matter and nutrients are returned to the soil for use by your plants.

Weed control: In the correct thickness (3-4 inches) mulch will prevent weed seeds from germinating, thus leading to fewer weeds for you to pull.

Hard to grow areas/shady or high traffic: For those hard to grow areas, like under your oak tree, mulch is the best option to prevent soil erosion.

Protection from lawn equipment: Mulch acts as an invisible fence, protecting trees and shrubs from damage by lawn mowers and weed trimmers.

Instant beautification: Just like that silk scarf, or the right pair of shoes, mulch will ‘finish’ your landscape, giving it a clean and dressed appearance

Any experienced gardener will tell you, mulch is a vital factor for plants. Mulch is a protective layer covering the soil. It keeps moisture in the soil, helps keep the soil cool in our hot climate, discourages weeds, and even supplies nutrients to the plants.

“Mulching is one of the simplest and most beneficial practices you can use in the garden” according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resources Conservation Service

Consider buying mulch in bulk, you can save a ton of time and money. If you have any questions or need assistance finding the right mulch for your garden, contact Reliable Peat. We are conveniently located in Lake County, providing quality mulch at an affordable price.

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