With the weather getting cooler, it is the perfect time to give your landscape the attention it needs. A fresh layer of mulch will give your plants exactly what they need after a very long, hot summer. 

Mulch imitates what happens in nature, when leaves and debris accumulate on the forest ground. Mulch enriches the soil and protect the plant’s roots. 

Fresh organic mulch made from bark will break down into the soil, adding valuable nutrients and beneficial organisms, plants need. Research shows trees and plants that are surrounded by quality mulch are healthier and grow better. 

Mulch also keeps moisture from evaporating out of the soil and insulates the soil from extreme temperatures, cold and hot. 

Mulch also keeps trees safe from string trimmers and lawn mowers, which can cut into the bark of a tree, cause serious damage. The area of mulch surrounding a tree reduces competition from the turf for nutrients. 

As much as mulch is an important to your landscape and garden, equally important is how the mulch is applied.

Make a even and wide layer

The layer of mulch should be applied about 3 inches deep and wide enough to cover a wide area of soil around the plants and trees. Not applying enough mulch won’t provide the benefits and too much will block essential water and air the roots need.

Don’t pile on the mulch 

Though you may see it around your neighborhood, piling mounds of mulch around the trunk of a tree can do more harm than good. Moisture gets trapped in the heap of mulch, encouraging decay and disease. It also gives burrowing animals and insects a safe cover to eat the bark. Such wounds allow disease barring organisms to enter the wood.

Instead, pull the mulch away from the base of the tree, leaving a “donut” shape, large enough so you are able to see a bare band of soil.

Purchase mulch in bulk is convenient and saves you a ton of money

Bag mulch can end up costing twice as much as bulk mulch. You also have the added convince of it being delivered to your home. Instead of going to the store and dragging them to the car and then unloading them once you get home.

Buying mulch in bulk also reduces the amount of trash that ends up in the landfill. Just think it takes 140 bags to cover 10 yards of mulch. When you add it up, buying in bulk can make a big difference in the environment.

Shopping at your local business helps the economy. Reliable Peat takes pride in excellent customer service. We have made buying mulch easier and more affordable!

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