Beautiful landscape, organic mulch, rocks and stones can make landscaping easier and look amazing. They prevent weeds from growing, keep the plant’s roots cool, and the soil moist. There are many types of rocks and organic mulch to give your property a modern feel,  contemporary design, or a more natural environment. 

Stones and rocks are a growing trend for landscapes, walkways, backyard patios, play areas, and gardens. They have a relaxing and calming effect.

Marble and Granite are a very popular landscape rock for walkways, patios, and a beautiful way to showcase plants and flowers. Shady areas are easily brighten up with the white glistening stones.

Timberlite are stones that resemble wood chips, attractive brown, tan and reds. They add a natural, inviting feel. They will last year after year, and won’t need to be replaced. They are an attractive solution to an erosion problem.

White River Rock is also a great choice when it comes to Central Florida Landscapes. “Mulch must be replaced every season, while rocks can last the lifetime of your garden. Another advantage is that pale-colored stones provide striking contrast against deep-colored foliage and help brighten up shady corners of your landscape.”

HGTV suggestions, creating a container garden with stones, they are very attractive and low maintenance.

Instead of setting up a container garden on your deck or patio, where the pots need regular watering, place them in a rockscape that’s within reach of your sprinkler system. Line the area with a weed barrier and set the containers on top. Cut holes in the barrier, so the bottoms of the pots can fit through and settle into the soil. Make sure the pots have adequate holes for drainage. Surround the pots with small stones in a complementary color. The result is a striking container garden that gets watered whenever your sprinklers come on.

Not All Mulches are Created Equal

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