Many Central Florida residents taking advantage of our beautiful weather and getting a jump on those landscape projects. The big questions we are receiving at Reliable Peat is, Should I use an organic bark mulch or stone around my plants? 

While they both provide many benefits for your landscape and garden. So which one should you choose? There are a few things to take into consideration.

Topography of Your Property

Is your area subject to water runoff, have inclines, or hills, then stone or rocks may be a better investment. Stone and rocks are heavier and secure the soil and preventing erosion. Bark mulch is lighter and can be susceptible to getting washed away in heavy rains. Bark mulch also needs to be replenished more often than stones. 

Sun Exposure and Shade

For areas on your property with a lot of full sun exposure, bark mulch may be the better choose. Bark mulch keeps the soil temperature down and help moisture retention. Stone mulch may be the better option for shady areas, that take longer to dry out after it rains. 

Landscape Design 

If you like to change your landscape up every couple of years, bark mulch may be the way to go. Since it is lighter than rocks, it is easier to remove or relocate. 

Composition of the Soil 

If your plants or trees aren’t looking as good as you want, it could be because of the lack of nutrients in the soil. Bark mulch will break down over time and add essential nutrients to create a healthier soil. 

Style and Aesthetics

Stone and bark mulch come in a variety of different colors and textures that create that enhance any home. If you want to lighten up your landscape a white marble chip or river rock has an elegant look. Many bark mulches have a great fragrance and generate that professionally manicured appearance. 


The cost is typically a factor. Bark mulch tends to have less of an initial cost, compared to stones or rocks. But bark mulch will need to be replaced more often that rocks or stones. 

If you want to get a great deal on all types of mulches, contact Reliable Peat. We have great Spring specials and we even deliver! We are located in Winter Garden at 14909 West Colonial Dr. And in Groveland an 26744 CR 33.

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