Mulch is a beautiful way to protect your plants from the elements of our tropical environment while adding to the curb appeal of your Central Florida home.

Deciding to incorporate fresh mulch into your landscape is a great investment, deciding which type of mulch to use, may not be as easy.

Both organic bark mulch and inorganic rock mulch can preserve moisture as well as deter weeds from growing. They both have their own benefits as well as come in a variety colors and shapes.

Benefits of Organic Bark Mulch Include

If you are on a budget, bark mulch tends to be a more economical option. You can give your landscape that professional finished feel without the burden on your wallet.

Bark mulch is easy to install. They can be installed with a shovel, fork, or even your hands.

Protects the plant’s root from the sunlight and conserves moisture.

It deters weed seeds from sprouting, which is a huge benefit.

When organic mulch breaks down it adds beneficial organic matter into the soil, making it more fertile.

The Negative of Organic Bark Mulch Include

Bark mulch does have a limited lifespan and will need to be replaced in a few years.

They can be washed away in strong storm or flood.

After being exposed to direct sunlight for years they can lose their natural complexion.

Landscape Rocks Have Their Own Set of Benefits

Rocks add a unique attractive look, they come in a variety of shapes and colors such as Lava rock, river rock, granite, marble chips, granite, and crushed concrete.

Since they don’t wash away or decompose, they last a long time. This makes them worth the investment.

They discourage weeds from growing, but any plant debris is easy to remove.

When compared to organic mulch, rocks and stones work better for walkways and driveways

The Negatives of Landscaping Rocks

They tend to be more expensive than organic mulch.

They are more labor intensive to install.

Location, purpose, aesthetics, and budget, all play a role in what type of mulch you choose for your home. You can get really creative and mix and match them.

If you have any questions or you have decided which type of mulch works best for your landscape, contact Reliable Peat.  We can deliver the mulch of your choice to your home. For a big savings, take advantage of our special, take 10% off when you purchase 6 yards of mulch.

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