In the landscape and gardening industry, mulch is any material that protects and covers the soil. There are many types of mulch on the market, the most popular being pine bark and rocks. They come in a variety of colors, sizes, and textures to create the appearance you want. 

Apart from the beautiful aesthetic design achieved with mulch, there are many other benefits. Including controlling weeds and a clean, professional look, but there a few others that are equally important to your landscape and garden. 

Temperature Control

Here in Central Florida the heat can be unbearable! Just imagine how hot the soil gets after baking in the sun all day. Bark mulch can help alleviate the problem by reducing the temperate of the soil. By acting as an insulator, it protects the roots from getting too hot or getting too cold during the winter months. 

Regulating Moisture

Mulch also keeps moisture in the soil, reduces evaporation, and increases the nutrients in the soil. Which aid in healthy plant growth.  Excessive heat and dry soil significantly reduces the number of nutrients in the soil. An increasing problem in Central Florida is poor soil quality. Mulching can prevent nutrient loss and improve the health of plants and trees. 

Stronger and Healthier Plants

Mulch suppliers and garden enthusiasts recommend organic bark mulch for healthier plants because it releases nutrients into the soil as it decomposes. These nutrients are available when the plants need them, encouraging  a strong root system. In turn, plants are better able to survive under adverse environmental conditions. 

Applying mulch also means you will be spending less time maintaining your landscape or garden and more time enjoying it. If you aren’t sure what type of mulch is best for your needs, contact the professionals at Reliable Peat.

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