The University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences Extension encourages Central Florida residents to utilize plants that need less water and encourage wildlife habitats. 

While it may take a little more planning, Florida Friendly landscapes are definitely worth the effort! 

There are over 400 plants that are considered to be Florida Friendly, since they don’t demand excess resources and are  usually pests resistant. When planning out your landscape avoid over planting. Putting plants too close together makes them compete with each other. Not allowing them to reach their full potential. 

How does this benefit property owners?

First, they get a beautiful landscape that they love. Plants that attract wildlife (such as butterflies and bees), will need minimum maintenance, and you won’t have to constantly water and fertilize them. 

While you may think, I’m just one person, how big of a dent can my landscaping make?

A recent article in the Tampa Bays Times addresses this question, “Every one of us has what I’ll call our own little piece of paradise and what we do with it affects the overall environment as a whole. Each one of us takes a little bit of this. We’re reducing the amount of pollution going into our waterways. We’re reducing the amount of water that we’re having to apply. All of a sudden we start seeing a little more wildlife, we start seeing healthier waterways, we’re going to have a healthier environment in the long run. And with our population continuing to grow — I don’t see that slowing down in Florida — we’re going to need to move to more sustainable ways of landscaping.”

Mulch plays an important role in a Florida Friendly Landscape

Not only does it reduce the amount of water, pesticides, fertilizer and maintenance, it is a cost effective way to beautify your yard.

Buying in bulk is also better for the environment. It would take 140 bags just to cover 10 yards of mulch. That’s 140 bags you have to carry, heavy plastic to cut open, empty, and then having to dispose of all those bags.

At Reliable Peat we just sell landscaping supplies, we know where the product comes from, and can help decide which type of mulch is best for your project. Contact us today for more information. 


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