Thinking about sprucing up your Central Florida residential landscaping this spring? Ground cover is a great place to start. Not only does it protect all your hard work, it also adds beauty.

Choosing between organic mulch or rock for your landscape can be a difficult one. They both help plants, shrubs, and trees by creating a barrier between the soil and the outside elements. You won’t need to water as often because they preserve moisture in the soil and they keep weeds from germinating.

Benefits of Organic Mulch

Multicolored tulipsOrganic mulch is derived from trees, each variety has its own characteristics, size, odor, and color. They give a landscaping a natural, earthy look.

Organic mulch is easy on the budget, to make it even more affordable, take advantage of Reliable Peat’s mulch sale, Save 10% on bulk order over 6 Yards!

Organic mulch is also fairly easy to handle. You can use a shovel, garden fork or even your hands to apply it to the landscape.

Protect plants from the harsh rays of the sun and conserves moisture.

Will save you time, since you won’t have to pull weeds or spray chemicals to reduce weeds.

Healthy soil equals healthy plants. Organic mulch adds valuable nutrients and organic matter into the soil as it decomposes.

Benefits of Rock Mulch

Rock mulch is derived from rocky areas and river beds. They are available in a variety of different hues, sizes, and shapes. They add a touch of elegance to any landscaping and have several benefits.

They don’t decompose or wash away easily. Since they last longer than organic mulch they can be more economical in the long run.

Rocks makes debris and leaves are easy to remove.

Though they may require more labor than organic mulch to install, but their beauty can last for years.

Mulch Delivery Makes Sprucing Up Your Landscaping Even Easier!

Organic mulch and rocks both have their pros and cons. Before you purchase either at a big box store, contact Reliable Peat and see how much you can save.

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