Fall is the perfect time to start a garden or work on your landscaping here in Central Florida. Both take a lot of work, organic mulch can help you reach your goal by promoting healthy soil.

Organic Mulch Offers Many Benefits 

Mulch combats weeds 

The enemy of any landscape or garden are weeds. They take valuable nutrients, sunlight, and can cause other destructive issues that diminish all your hard work. Sure, you can dump a bunch of harmful chemicals on them, but that also gets absorbed by your plants you want to thrive. An effective and safe way to combat weeds is with an application of organic mulch. 

After your plants sprout or once you plant them, spread a layer of mulch, about 3 inches thick, on the soil. This will stop the weeds from germinating and getting the sunlight they need. 

Mulch promotes soil health

Soil health and texture plays a huge role in the quality and health of your plants. Not only does organic mulch slowly release vital nutrients into the soil, it also protects roots from a host of issues. 

Mulch conserves water

An adequate supply of water is essential for healthy plants.  Our intense heat and sun can be brutal on our plants. You can spend a small fortune watering your plants or just apply mulch. Which will keep water from evaporating, allowing moisture to be readily available to the roots. Not only will your plants be happy and healthy, you will be conserving our natural resource.

Curb Appeal

It is easy to give your landscape or garden that professional look and feel. Applying organic mulch or rocks will help keep your property in good shape, while adding value.

Save money by purchasing mulch in bulk

Bag or bulk mulch? Bags usually contains 2 cubic feet, while bulk is usually measured in cubic yards, 1 cubic yard equals 27 cubic feet. Bag mulch tends to be much more expensive, bulk mulch ordered over the phone and delivered to your home tends to cost less than lugging all those bags around. On average, one cubic foot of mulch 3 inches deep will cover about 4 square feet. While one cubic yard 3 inches deep cover about 110 square feet.


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