Mulch is a necessary part of Central Florida Landscaping, protecting plants throughout the year. Reducing the stress the cold and warm season put on plants. While enriching the soil and reducing the amount of weeds.

Why do you need mulch in your landscape?

Mulch adds tremendous curb appeal. Every picture perfect home has either organic bark mulch or stones surrounding their plants for that beautiful manicured look.

But mulch does so much more than make your yard look amazing. It protects the soil by insulating it against extreme temperatures.

It also provides moisture to the roots of plants, which means you don’t have to water as often and your plants still look great.

Mulch allows the soil to remain loose, which advances the circulation of oxygen. Plants won’t be crowded by weeds or have to compete against them for nutrients.

Mulch acts as a barrier reducing damage to the lawn.

What types. of mulch are available?

There are many types of mulch in today’s market. The most popular include pine bark, both small and large, create that classic effect. Slowly breaking down, releasing nutrients to the soil. Producing a conductive environment for productive plant growth by maintaining a balanced pH. A great way to control any erosion issues. An economic way to make your landscape healthy and beautiful.

How to determine how much mulch you will need

It is important to apply the right about of mulch. Bark mulch requires two to three inches.  A good rule of thumb, the smaller, more compact the mulch, such as fine and mini pine bark mulch, needs less of an application because it restricts oxygen to the roots.  The larger the mulch, such as large pine mulch, can be applied more liberally.

Organic pine mulch also comes in a variety of colors, classic natural brown, an eye catch red, and a rich chocolate.

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