It may take just a small landscape project to add beauty and value to your Central Florida home. According to SmartMoney, these quick upgrades can raise your property value significantly.

You don’t need to redo the entire design or have an expensive upgrades to add rich value. Unassuming projects, such as a focal garden, adding a walkway, dry stream, a rock foundation for a patio, or a cozy place to unwind, can easily make your yard more attractive and make you the envy of all your neighbors.

Mulch, whether organic pine mulch or rocks and stones, is the foundation for many of these projects.

Organic Pine Mulch

Organic pine mulch plays double duty. Not only does it give your landscape a fresh new look, as it breaks down it adds valuable nutrients to the soil, ready for the plant roots to absorb. They also insulate the plant roots from the elements, prevent weeds from germinating, and helps retain moisture in the soil.

White sand and finely crushed concrete are great for stabilizing pavers and as fill for many projects such as driveways, flagstone patio, and walkways.

Small River Rocks

Can also be used for filler, but they also give a decorative look to ponds, dry streams, walkways, and even flower gardens. They are heavy enough so they aren’t washed away in a strong storm, discourages weeds from growing, and look great for many years.

Large River Rocks

Add a distinguishing flair to any property. They easily fit into any environment, in a flower bed, around trees and hedges, or for ground cover for a patio. They also have the extra benefits of needing minimal maintenance and being extremely durable.

No matter what type of Mulch you choose, buying in bulk will save you money!

If you are looking to update your landscaping, Reliable Peat has quality products at an affordable price. Save even more with our special Fall discount, 10% off all bulk orders over 6 yards, for both our Winter Garden and Lake county locations!

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