1710, 2019

Clermont & Winter Garden; Why It Is Important To Mulch In Fall?

If you think mulching is just for spring, think again! Don’t underestimate the importance of mulching in the Fall.  While many people living Central Florida think mulch is only for Spring, mulching before the cooler weather sets in has many benefits! Though it may not [...]

910, 2019

Central Florida Landscape Mulch; Buying Bulk Saves Time and Money

Purchasing mulch in bulk is a great way to save money, while making your landscape look amazing.  The UC Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources explains how mulch does more than just add beautiful aesthetics to your home.  Mulch adds a finished, woodland-like quality to [...]

1709, 2019

Central Florida Landscape Trends with Stones and Mulch 

Eye catching landscapes have some type of mulch, either organic bark mulch or rocks. It gives that professionally designed look to any home. It's easy to take your landscape to the next level with the latest trends. Organic bark mulch and rocks make it easy [...]