1703, 2020

Orlando & Clermont; Landscape Sale & Mulch Delivery

Mulch madness! It’s time to get out and mulch your garden, flower beds, and landscape trees and shrubs.  Mulching this time of year adds valuable nutrients into the soil, helps suppress weeds, conserves moisture in the soil (which means you won’t have to water as [...]

2302, 2020

Reliable Peat Landscape Mulch & Stones Sale; Delivery Available

Reliable Peat is proud to be Central Florida premier custom blended soil and mulch manufacture since 1982. Providing a variety of quality bark mulches, beautiful landscape stones, and custom blended soil. As well as gardening supplies, one of a kind ceramic pottery, handmade wind chimes, [...]

1602, 2020

Central Florida’s Landscape Mulch & Stones; Borders & Paths

Stones and mulch are a winning combination for a beautiful landscape. Mulch gives your yard that professionally designed look, pristine and sophisticated curb appeal. Applying mulch in flower beds and around trees are classic ideas. But so many Central Florida residents are using mulch for [...]