1810, 2020

Winter Garden & Clermont Landscape Bulk Mulch & Rocks

Shopping around for mulch in Central Florida may seem easy enough, but like most home improvement projects, there are several types on the market. Ranging from different sizes, colors, and textures to bring beauty to your home. But not all mulch is the same, quality [...]

1010, 2020

Central Florida Sale On Fall Landscaping Mulch & Stones

Fall is beautiful here in Central Florida, it's a great time to make your yard beautiful. Aside from applying a fresh layer of mulch, many homeowners are building patios, planting trees, and plants.  Unfortunately, many people are adding landscape plants that are not native to [...]

2509, 2020

Easy Solutions For Landscape Drainage Issues

Our afternoon storms have caused several drainage issues. With the help of organic and stone mulch, it's easy to manage groundwater problems, with an added bonus of beautifying your property. French drains  The last thing you want is rainwater or waterlogged soil around the foundation [...]

1809, 2020

Central Florida Driveway Renovation: Crushed Stone VS Gravel 

The appearance of your driveway leading up to your home says a lot about your property.  Is it attractive and well maintained? Or does it have cracks, unsightly holes, debris, or brown vegetation. Applying crushed stone or pea gravel will give your home an updated [...]