2302, 2018

Winter Garden & Groveland, Affordable Landscape Mulch, Stones, Rocks & Soil

Central Florida gardening and landscaping can beautifully transform your property. Whether you're someone who looks forward to digging in their garden, or one who dread this type of weekend project, Reliable Peat has made it easier. The first step in transforming your landscape is choosing [...]

1502, 2018

Central Florida Organic Soil, Mulch, Rocks & Stones, Buy In Bulk & Have It Delivered

Looking for an eye popping Central Florida landscaping project for your home? Whether you need organic soil for your garden, mulch, stones, or rocks, our customers at Reliable Peat have come to depend on us for a variety of quality landscape materials and supplies. A [...]

802, 2018

Affordable Orlando Landscape Mulch & Stones, Purchase in Bulk & Delivery

The traditional pine mulch many homeowners in Central Florida use in both their landscaping and gardens help ensure their plants stay well nourished and healthy. Lately, many of them are finding the benefits of stones, such as river rock and granite. Which has many of [...]

102, 2018

Do’s & Don’ts of Mulching In Central Florida, Buying in Bulk & Delivery

The landscape around your Central Florida home is a personal expression of you and your family. Get creative, there are many ways you can add to the curb appeal and visual interest even in the cooler months. An easy and cost effective way is to add [...]

2401, 2018

Buy Mulch in Orlando/Lake County in Bulk to Save Money & Have it Delivered!

It’s just about time to get your Central Florida garden started and landscape ready for spring. This year, spend less time weeding and watering and more time enjoying the beauty of all your hard work. Mulch is more than just decorative, there are many amazing [...]

1701, 2018

Why Does Your Central Florida Landscape Need Mulch or Stones?

Though it may not feel like spring yet, now is the time to prepare your landscaping and garden for an amazing year! If you are tired of watering and weeding your landscape and garden or loosing plants because of the intense heat and winter cold [...]