1012, 2018

Orlando Landscape Mulch & Stones Delivery

If you’ve ever had a question about your Central Florida landscape or yard, Reliable Peat is the place to go. Many residents around town call us with mulch and soil questions, and we are happy to help.  One inquiry we’ve received lately is, Are Bugs [...]

212, 2018

Top Central Florida Landscape Mulches for 2019

Central Florida residence’s are placing orders to have their landscape mulch delivered to their homes. Whether it is bagged or bulk mulch, Reliable Peat is the premier mulch and soil supplier in Florida. Top mulches for 2019 Large Pine Bark  Pine Bark Mulch protects the [...]

2511, 2018

Central Florida, Orlando & Lake County, Stone & Pine Mulch Sale!

The cooler weather means it’s time to get outside and make your landscape looking great for the holidays. If you want that professionally mannered yard, think about applying a layer of fresh mulch. From beautiful flower beds, to healthy vegetable gardens, shrubs and trees, mulch [...]

1611, 2018

Central Florida Crushed Concrete, Stones, Rocks, Granite

Crushed concrete has many uses, for both minor and major projects. It’s an affordable way to improve your property, from creating a small patio area to making a beautiful addition to your landscape.  Typically made from recycled materials, crushed concrete is an environmentally friendly way [...]

911, 2018

Central Florida Landscape Bark Mulch & Stones, Delivery

Installing mulching your Central Florida landscape can seem overwhelming, but partnering with Reliable Peat to deliver the perfect mulch and keeping in mind these four tips, makes it as easy as pumpkin pie! Whether you are using organic bark or stones, mulch adds that professional [...]

111, 2018

Central Florida, Orlando Organic Mulch, Safe for Kids and Pets

The weather is finally cooling down, which means it is a great time to work in the yard. Mulch is an easy way to have that professional manicured landscape look and feel. “Mulch is good for the soil, and thus good for your plants for [...]