906, 2021

Why Are So Many Central Florida Homeowners Choosing Black Mulch?

Black mulch is quickly growing in popularity, especially here in Central Florida. It really makes a statement in your landscape or garden, and sets your home apart from the rest.  Black mulch is used to accent your plants, trees, shrubs, flower beds, garden, play areas, [...]

2505, 2021

Clermont & Orlando Landscape Mulch; Pine Bark, Stones Or Rocks

Creating a low-maintenance, Florida-friendly landscaped yard and garden may be easier than you think. In last week’s blog we talked about whether organic pine bark mulch or stones and rocks right for your project "Natural stone is one of the most versatile elements available for [...]

1705, 2021

Clermont & Winter Garden; Organic Bark Mulch vs Rocks And Stones

There is no doubt, mulch offers many benefits for landscapes and gardens throughout Central Florida. Including beautification, erosion control, moisture retention, weed reduction, and soil insulation. Different types of mulch work better in different situation.  What type of mulch will help you reach your landscape [...]

905, 2021

Top 10 Benefits Of Mulch For Central Florida Homeowners

Mulch is a beautiful addition to any Central Florida landscape, from bark, wood chips, to stones and rocks, all can reduce your time watering and weeding, while helping your plants overcome the impact of environmental challenges. Mulch acts as a protective layer when spread over [...]

105, 2021

Central Florida Organic Mulch; Save Money With Pick Up and Delivery

Organic bark mulch, rocks, and stones are very popular in Central Florida landscapes and gardens. Simple mistakes can prevent you from reaping the benefits of mulch, such as suppressing weeds, conserving moisture, decreased water runoff, and reducing erosion. Mulch not only helps create healthy landscapes [...]