1007, 2020

Florida Friendly Mulch & Stones; Save Money By Purchasing In Bulk

Have you always wanted that beautiful landscape and garden in your Central Florida yard, but just not sure how to achieve it? Besides choosing Florida Friendly plants, the right pine bark or stone mulch, can achieve that professional look and add significant value to your [...]

207, 2020

Purchase Rocks & Bark Mulch In Bulk To Save Time and Money!

After talking with my neighbor a couple of weeks ago, she convinced me to mulch my landscape. It didn’t take much convincing after she told me all the benefits mulch offered. Reducing the growth of weeds, meant she spent less time doing yard work. It [...]

2406, 2020

Central Florida Bulk Mulch, Stones & Rocks Supplier

Honest reviews from real customers really give you a true opinion about the business, both their product and customer service. With two retail locations, Reliable Peat has only the best quality mulches, rock and soils made for growing in Florida.  We are proud of over [...]

1606, 2020

Mulch Delivery Service; Organic Bark Mulch, Stones & Rocks

A beautiful and well maintained residential landscape and garden in Central Florida starts with mulch. Aesthetically pleasing and improves the appearance of your home. Mulch of all sizes and colors enhance your flowering plants, trees, shrubs, and vegetable. Both bark mulch and stones discourage weeds [...]

806, 2020

Central Florida Landscape & Garden Mulch Supplier

Mulch is an essential step to landscaping and gardens here in Central Florida. Not only does mulch protect your plants from the summer heat, it helps them thrive. The little bit of work it takes, is well worth the effort when you sit back and [...]