2010, 2017

Quality Mulch at an Affordable Price, Winter Garden/Groveland

True, there is a lot of information from arborist and horticulturist about mulch. What type of mulch to use, organic or inorganic such as stones and gravel, why to use mulch, how much mulch to use, and even when to mulch. Here in Central Florida, [...]

1510, 2017

Central Florida Mulch, Gravel, Rocks, for Landscaping Flower Beds, Fire Pits & Living Areas

Create something special in your backyard this fall. A fire pit will have everyone in a festive spirit. It may seem like the cooler weather may never get here, but when it does, you and your family will be ready to enjoy. Before you get [...]

910, 2017

Before you Buy Mulch, Call Reliable Peat And See How Much You Can Save!

Fall is a great time to spruce up your landscaping. Mulch is an easy and affordable way to make a big impact. It does a lot more than just make your yard look amazing. When applied to the base of shrubs and trees, flower beds, [...]

2309, 2017

Bark Mulch, Stones, Rocks, Affordable Landscaping Supplies

Mulch is a beautiful way to protect your plants from the elements of our tropical environment while adding to the curb appeal of your Central Florida home. Deciding to incorporate fresh mulch into your landscape is a great investment, deciding which type of mulch to [...]

1609, 2017

Mulching After the Storm, 10% Off Bulk Orders Over 6 Yards!

Many Central Florida homeowners are still dealing with the aftermath of hurricane Irma. Whether your mulch was blown away with all the wind or saturated with water, it may need to be replaced with fresh dry mulch. You may want to consider using a heavier, [...]

809, 2017

Stone & Bark Mulch, Budget Friendly Central Florida Landscaping

Want a maintenance free and budget friendly Central Florida landscaping? Whether you have a small yard, a slope that is difficult to mow, or looking for that landscaping feature that makes your home stand out from the rest, a beautiful rock garden is the answer. [...]